The In’s & Out’s Of Hiring A Cleaning Service . . .

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Homeowners hire cleaning professionals for all kinds of different reasons. As expected though, the number one reason above all others is to save on valuable time. Hiring a reputable cleaning service to handle all the household chores isn’t quite the luxury it used to be 20 or 30 years ago; these days with the ever-increasing pace of life gaining in momentum, having a cleaning service on hand is more a necessity of the times we live in. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:


  • Start With References – Word of mouth is a great way to begin the process of seeking out a cleaning service. Do any of your neighbors or co-workers use a cleaning service? Ask them how much they pay per hour and how often they have them scheduled to clean.


  • Ask Lots Of Questions – When you finally start interviewing don’t be shy about asking questions, such as: (a) Are you insured? (b) How long have you been in business? (c) Are your employees ‘actual’ employees of the company, and not contractors or third party vendors/suppliers? (d) What sorts of services do you provide? (e) Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee with your services? (f) Do I need to be home for you to clean? (g) Do you supply cleaning products and appliances?


  • Can I Afford It? - It used to be that hiring a cleaning service was a bit on the expensive side, but rates have changed to fit the times and the demand. Nowadays a good cleaning with regularly scheduled services will typically not cost more than a nice dinner out for two. And when you think of the time you save not having to clean yourself, it’s actually a great deal.


  • Other Issues To Consider – Do you have a home security system and if so, how will that affect the cleaning process? Do you have pets? Make sure that anyone who enters your home to clean is made aware of this beforehand. Be wary of any unprofessional behavior on their part: the phone is not to be used nor is the food to be eaten (unless you give permission). Be prepared for the occasional item to get broken accidentally. Make sure it is clear who is responsible for what, depending on whether it is a small incidental or if it is something of value.


  • Tips - As with all services, tipping isn’t an outright requirement but it’s always welcomed, especially if you’re pleased with the service provided. Typically, tips usually range from 10 to 15%. However, before tipping make certain that it’s the same person or team each time. In the event that your regularly scheduled person is not present, leave a note with their name to ensure the right person receives the tip.

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