De-Cluttering 101 = Remodeling Possibilities . . .

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No one likes clutter. I mean seriously, space is already in short supply . . . so why sacrifice any precious room for extra stuff that you probably don’t need or even use anymore? I know what you’re thinking: what is an article on clutter doing on a site about remodeling homes? Well, you’d be surprised at how de-cluttering your home can almost make it feel and look like it’s been remodeled. Best of all, de-cluttering is absolutely FREE. Read on for a few quick tips . . .


  • Get In The Habit Of Filing – Chances are, there’s probably tons of extra bits of paper scattered around your home right? On the kitchen counter, maybe the dining room table, perhaps even tossed on the floor of your office. Well, whatever you need (latest cell phone bill) file it away and whatever can be tossed (Macy’s catalog) trash it. Make this simple step a habit and you’ll free up a lot of excess space.


  • Attack The Medicine Cabinet – Go through everything and toss the stuff you’ll never use again, the dirty-looking bandages, the out-dated medicines, the creams that you’ve found you’re allergic to, the ointments that never had an effect on your energy or your eye wrinkles. Simplify to the essential.


  • Adopt A Clothing Rule – This one may be tough but it’ll do wonders for your closet space: any article of clothing that you have NOT worn in over 12 months . . . donate it to a charity of your choice. Someone else can probably use it more and you’ll be better off with more room besides.


  • Become A Gifter – I love my books, but let’s face it, they take up LOTS of room. Any book that you’ve read that you’ll most likely never visit again should probably be recycled or donated as well. Keep the beautiful photos books if you must but ditch the novels . . . how often do you re-read those anyway?



  • Nix Junk Mail & Phone Books – Register for the Mail Preference Service on the Direct Marketing Website. For $1, your name and address will be removed from prospective mailing lists, ending 75% of junk mail within about 90 days. And while you’re there, contact your local phone book publisher and say ‘No thanks’ to those bulky tomes today!


So now that you’ve freed-up some much need ‘home space,’ now you can get down to making the most out of all that extra room by tackling some of those remodeling projects you’ve been putting off. And that’s what we’re here for . . . check out Remodel Tree today and we’ll put you in touch with all the right people in your area who can turn that dream of yours into a reality!




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