5 Inexpensive Home Remodeling Ideas

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Whether you’re planning to tackle a full-scale remodeling project or you’re just looking to spruce things up a bit, small changes can make a huge difference. Plus, if things are tight for you financially at the moment, then you’ll definitely want to pay extra attention to the easy and cost-friendly suggestions below . . .


  • A Dash Of Color – A simple addition of color to an otherwise dull pallet can do wonders for any space. A bright tile backsplash can jazz up a dull kitchen, or create a border of plain tile in a zesty color that draws some attention to itself. Even simply painting a room a different color will make the most noticeable improvement in your home, for the least amount of money. Some locations, such as entry halls with artwork, might really stand out with a dramatic color. Using color to lighten the room’s tone will also make the space appear larger and more inviting.


  • Bring The Light – Light in general has the same effect as color, so bringing some more light into any room by adding light fixtures, changing out the window coverings from drapes to light-filtering blinds or maybe even taking things an extra step by adding a window to a room will have the effect of a larger home without the cost of actually having to build an addition.


  • New Handles & Hinges – It’s usually the smallest details that make the biggest difference, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Cabinet pulls can transform stock kitchen cabinets into a designer showcase. New kitchen and bathroom sink faucets can lend the impression of a full kitchen or bath remodel. Also, try some new shower rods, along with a series of exposed door and cabinet hinges as well. For under a few hundred dollars you should be able to give all the handles and hinges throughout your home a good once-over. Plus, they’re quick and easy.


  • Add Mirrors – More mirrors increase the amount of light that shines throughout the house. If you can hang two mirrors in the same room, put them on opposite walls; this will give the impression of a larger room. And make sure you place some of them above eye-level (like over a fireplace).


  • Go Green – Visit the local nursery and stock-pile your home with plenty of luscious plants. And if you already own plenty of plants, but they’re potted in cheap plastic containers, upgrade them to a nice ceramic pot.


Home upgrades don’t have to be that expensive. True, you may your heart set on some fancy new kitchen countertops, cabinets, hardwood floors, or bathroom vanity items, but depending on what sort of budget you’re working with, you don’t need to go broke re-creating your living space. Start with these less-expensive ideas for now . . . and work your way up to the ‘bigger’ projects over time.

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